Thanks for visiting Buffalojobs.com, the hometown site for Western New York fans and friends.

If you堭oved from Buffalo and want to come back in #Year(Now())#, we젴ry to help. We work almost exclusively in the Information Technology world in Western New York, but if you work outside the IT world we'll still offer free counseling (you get what you pay for).

If you're a small local employer looking for help OUTSIDE THE WORLD OF COMPUTERS we will be glad to provide free posting of those jobs. Contact Us and let us know what you want to do.

We hate to put the hex on it, but we believe that the Buff-low job market is really starting to show life again. Our primary business is staffing - both contract and direct, permanent employees for some of Buffalo's best companies. Believe it or not, we're filling some very good permanent jobs again. Our clients tell us that, as the national economy improves, they are starting to tackle the backlog - that means hiring in spot positions. Maybe it is your year to come home!!!

If you堪ust a little homesick, but don෡nt to come back right now, please browse our site 㯭e funny memories and several great links to local based sites might help you surf home. AND, as time permits, we'll try to update and upgrade the Buffalojobs experience.


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